Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership

Cornwall is a region on the south west tip of the United Kingdom. Famed for its touristic beauty and agricultural heritage and expertise, the region is increasingly becoming attractive to Agri-Tech businesses internationally as well as being home to a plethora of agri-food businesses who are dominating both national and international export markets.

Cornwall’s agri-food sector has a £1.5 billion turnover, 6% of the county’s gross value added (compared to 3% for the UK), with a wealth of internationally exporting companies in food and drink manufacturing. Over 80% of the land mass of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is farmed. It is the mildest, sunniest region in the UK with above-average rainfall.

There are over 1,980 farms with 4,400 holdings and a workforce of nearly 11,800. Of the 254,188 hectares of farmland, 72% is grassland and 21% arable. 60% of the farms specialise in livestock (315k cattle, 487k sheep, 52k pigs and 1.085m poultry).

Cornwall is the second most important area in the UK for quality pasture land, and in the top ten in Europe. Dairy farming is the most important form of primary food production in the county. Besides dairy, livestock production is also important and Cornish farmers produce top quality beef and other livestock.

The geography and climate of Cornwall gives it a distinct advantage in horticultural production (particularly potatoes, vegetable and fruit) by providing an earlier and longer growing season. Cornwall is also a large flower producer, with daffodils being the most significant flower and flower-bulb crop.