Ekogea’s farm slurry management system

Slurry management system

Ekogea is an Agri-tech business with proprietary technology in livestock, biogas and waste treatment. Ekogea sells a diverse range of award winning ‘organic’ additives and systems to enhance the ‘circular farm economy’.

Ekogea’s farm slurry management system provides a sustainable solution for treating and processing raw pig and dairy slurry.

It begins by converting raw slurry into a compact, profitable asset. The slurry concentration extracts up to 85% of the water from the raw slurry, leaving the resultant wet ‘solid’ (15% of the original volume) as an easily stored and transported sludge. The process reduces the costs and risks of storage and spreading slurry to land whilst allowing a greater percentage of the nitrogen to be fixed in the solid, through a conversion of water soluble ammonia into ammonium salts.

The concentrated solid, high in plant-available NPK, can then be used on-farm or sold as a high value biofertilizer. Alternatively, it can be sold as a quality feedstock for anaerobic digestion plants. This not only helps to resolve the phosphate issues faced by the farm, but also turns their slurry into a valuable asset that can provide an additional revenue stream for the farm.

The grey water, extracted during raw slurry concentration, is treated by Ekogea’s gravity fed and organic H2e waste-water treatment system to meet with Environmental Agency standards. This polished water can then be re-used on the farm or released into water courses under permit, removing leaching to water courses.

Director, David Cosford, highlights the virtuous cycle available.

“The circular farm economy is really important. It’s about helping the farm utilise every asset they have, and so increasing profits and reducing costs. Slurry is traditionally regarded as a waste product and difficult to get rid of. This process allows you to convert the slurry into a commercially viable anaerobic digestion feedstock or a high plant available organic biofertilizer that can replace bought-in chemical fertilisers, saving money and improving soils.”

Ekogea run regular open days at live sites in the South West, to allow interested parties to see the process in full.
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